10ml Christmas Joy Twist Up Aluminum & Glass Empty Spray Bottles - Set of 3

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Set of 3 colors
Red, Gold, & Black
Empty & Refillable
Each bottle 4" tall x .75" wide


These aluminum and glass spray bottles are beautiful and elegantly designed with a unique twist up design. Simply twist the bottle to expose the spray top. Twist again to move it back down for storage. This trendy design is a great option for keeping your customized room sprays on hand and ready throughout your home. Or keep your favorite "germ spray" blend tucked away in your purse ready for use at any time with these generously sized 10ml bottles. Blend some of your favorite essential oils to create a perfume or aromatherapy spray. Always use properly diluted essential oils due to the plastic material of the spray mechanism.

Our beautiful Christmas Joy twist up bottles can be refilled again and again. Twist the spray top up and then gently pull out the spray top to remove the glass bottle inside. The glass bottle unscrews to remove from the spray top for refill. Refill with the oil blend of your choice and screw the bottle back onto the spray top. Insert the bottle back into the aluminum shell and twist down to close for storage. See images for details.