Q:  Why aren't my labels sticking to the inhaler tubes/spray bottles?

A:  Before handling the labels, it helps to clean the bottle's surface with vinegar or alcohol and wash hands well to remove any oil residue.  Oil will break down the glue on the stickers so it's important to have an oil-free surface before you apply the label. When filling the bottle, use a funnel or other method that will keep the oil from accidentally running down over the label.


Q:  Why can't I use undiluted oils in the roll-on bottles and spray bottles?

A: Full strength oil will degrade any plastic and cause it to become unstable.  We have not found a roll on bottle or spray bottle that does not contain a little bit of plastic for the function even if the main container is glass.  For the purpose of maximing the life or your roll ons and sprays, we recommend essential oil blends that are diluted with 90% or more quality carrier oil.  This will not affect the therapeutic effect of the oil blend and it will greatly stretch your essential oil budget!  Just make sure you are using a good quality carrier oil and an organic one if possible.  It has also been our observation that oils containing a high level of monoterpenes (frankincense, citrus oils, etc) will need an even higher dilution of carrier oil.


Q:  Can I get a template for printing on your labels?

A:  No, we do not offer templates for our labels.  Since the labels have already been printed once, it is very difficult to get the properly aligned for a second print into the blank space.  These labels are designed to be hand written with ink pen or in some cases, a permanent sharpie.


Q:  How can I win FREE products from Rivertree Life?  Do you have any active coupon codes?

A:  We love doing giveaways on our Rivertree Life facebook page!  "Like" us on facebook and you can participate in our frequent giveaways and take advantage of some facebook-only coupon codes. 

We also send newsletters 1-2 times per month that often feature coupon sales for our newsletter subscribers.  Sign up for our newsletter by going to the Rivertree Life website.  The sign-up link is on a banner at the bottom of this page.   


Q:  Do you offer wholesale discounts?

A:  We offer quantity based pricing on some of our products.  You can find more information about our wholesale program on our Wholesale Inquiries page.