Refilling Roll On Bottles

Once you have used up the contents you originally placed in your roll on bottle, you can refill it fairly easily. There are three methods for opening the bottle again to refill it.

1. The first and easiest method will work for most roll on bottles. Just apply upward pressure on the cap to loosen it and then wiggle it back and forth while pulling it out. You may also use a screwdriver to pry out the cap once you see a gap between it and the bottle. After refilling the bottle, the cap can be pressed back in place.



2. The second method is illustrated in this picture showing the curved handle of scissors popping out just the roller ball without removing the cap. This technique is recommended for our Verona bottles. After refilling, the ball can be popped back in place. We have used this method multiple times on the same bottle and did not experience any leaking or degraded performance. 




3.  Alternate method: This technique is only recommended if other attempts have failed. You may use small pliers to grasp the cap and loosen it by gently rocking it back and forth. Be sure to squeeze and rock very gently and place a cloth between the pliers and the cap to prevent damage.