120 Apothecary Poly Weatherproof Labels for Essential Oil DIY Products

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Apopthecary Oval
Size Count:
3 Sheets = 120 Oval Labels
Round Bonus Stickers for Bottle Tops
Rivertree Life


You will have fun labeling your DIY esssential oil blends with these vintage styled Apothecary labels.  The unique text on each label represents many of the popular therapeutic essential oil blends.  These labels are printed on poly weatherproof material and they are designed to look like traditional kraft paper.  They look amazing on traditional brown amber bottles as shown in the pictures above. The 1/2" round circle labels fit on the caps of most roll-on bottles and chapstick tubes. The unique label designs were designed by our in house designer and are Rivertree Life copyrighted originals.  You will receive 3 pages which totals 120 labels and bonus round cap labels.

To insure maximum adhesion, please be sure that no oil residue remains on the bottles or on your fingers when applying the labels.  Wipe the bottles down with alcohol and wash your hands throughly with soap and water before handling labels. Do not use a gel pen with these poly labels.

These labels are not recommended for home printers.  They are best as handwritten product labels. Do not use a gel pen.