Extra Large 30ml White Glass Roll On Bottle for Essential Oil Blends & Lotions

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Works GREAT with lotion carriers!
1 ounce / 30ml
Each Bottle:
4 inches tall x 1.25 inches wide


Sometimes more is better!  This extra large size roll on bottle is perfect for those times when you want to cover a larger area of skin.  Essential oils that are added to a carrier oil or lotion will spread smoothly and quickly with this larger size roller ball.  The generous 1 ounce (30ml) bottle will let you blend up a larger quantity for those blends that you use a lot.  The roller ball housing easily pops off to allow for quick refill. The white painted bottle is not only attractive but will help protect any essential oils that you may add to your products by filtering the light.

Please note: Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil or lotion when using in a roll on bottle.  The undiluted oils can damage the plastic housing of the roller ball.  Dilution will not affect the performance of your precious oils and will give you more value by stretching your oil dollars!

Available as a single bottle or in bulk discount quantities.